From China to Italy, to the US, the governments failed to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, leaving thousands to die, and putting the economy in one more and deeper crisis than the previous one in 2007-2008. Coronavirus pandemic has exposed the capitalist system. Everything is in question today – the health systems, the working conditions, living conditions the whole system. It is time to discuss how a new world can be organised, and how we can organise to build it.

In the next Wednesdays, we will explore, together with our guest speakers from all around the world the above questions.
– How did capitalism respond to the pandemic?
– Could it be different?
– Are we going back to normal?
– Normal was the problem! How do we, the working people, the youth, the majority of the society, in these conditions fight for our rights, for a decent life for all, a world from the 99% for the 99%?

This week we are discussing with Andros Pagiatsos in The Red Radio Show.

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This Wednesday we are discussing all the above questions with Jaco, a member of the Committee of Socialist Action - ISA Hong Kong.
Athina Kariati Athina Kariati

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