Chart Shows

Chart shows are a classic program type that you can add to your line up. Music chart shows are a countdown of the top-rated songs for the week or the month. You could create a chart of your own based on audience opinion and listener stats, or opt to broadcast a more well-known chart, such as a Billboard chart.

Entertainment Programs

Entertainment segments can provide some light fun to your online radio programming. These shows can include stand-up comedy clips, funny reviews, call-in quizzes, and fun competitions for your listeners. These segments could serve as an entertaining change of pace between music and talk segments.

Late Night

In online radio, late-night programming is incredibly flexible. Late evenings usually have fewer listeners tuning in, which could be a great time to debut new DJs who are still finding their groove. Late-night programs are often music-centric, though It often depends on a station’s late-night listener stats.

Live Shows

Live online radio programs are broadcast in real time. There are plenty of options when it comes to live shows – be it talk, an interview, or live-event coverage. Broadcasting live is a fantastic way to engage your listeners in real-time events, by taking live calls, and allowing shout-outs, and more.

Morning Wake-Up Shows

The Morning Show is another staple in the world of radio. This is your chance to help your listeners wake up and get pumped for the day ahead. For area-specific stations, morning programs are a great opportunity to cover recent events, news, traffic, and weather, to prepare your listeners for the day.

Music Shows / Genre Specific Programming

Music shows are just that – centered around music. The average online radio music program may consist of an hour or two of nothing but great tunes. Music shows can be specific to a genre (disco, country), a decade (70’s, 80’s), or even a theme (movie soundtracks, workout music, etc.).

News and Weather

News and Weather segments are a great way of sharing useful information with your listeners. You can cover current events, weather, and exciting news stories on a local or global scale.

Radio Dramas

While the term “Radio Drama” might seem a bit outdated, many of these appear as podcasts today. Radio Dramas refers to programming that consists of stories, comedies, musicals, and more, that rely on dialogue and sound effects to tell a story. Radio dramas, depending on your demographic, remain a great way of entertaining your listeners every once in a while.

Specialty Shows

Specialty shows are a fantastic way of breaking from regular programming or long blocks of music. These types of shows can cover fun and interesting topics such as travel, technology, history, or celebrity news. These segments can cover a fun new destination once a week (travel), the latest and greatest tech (technology), interesting figures from history, and more.

Talk Shows / Talk Radio

Talk radio typically consists of radio hosts discussing current affairs or events. These discussions may occasionally include special guest interviews and listener opinions. Talk shows could provide a relevant and informative break from music radio.